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We bring together an unparalleled range of expertise organised into 3 business lines.

Infrastructure that satisfies basic needs such as water, energy and mobility

Roads, motorways, railways, tramways, urban road networks, cycle paths, green corridors and wastewater collection systems…

Construction and material manufacturing are combined in our work as we build various forms of mobility infrastructure using a circular economy strategy.

We also gain knowledge in ecological engineering work, energy infrastructure, water treatment and distribution, urban development, and urban planning.

Buildings for everyone’s benefit

Offices, homes, healthcare facilities, schools, businesses and cultural centres…

In all facets of construction, we assist public and private sector organisations in addressing the difficulties they encounter in creating and revitalising urban areas and integrating the many ways that people live and work to foster social cohesion.

We use our knowledge, resources, and abilities to a variety of projects, from eye-catching architecture to standard buildings.

Engineering structures that connect places

Bridges, tunnels, dams and large-scale industrial equipment…

We build civil engineering structures the world over.

We manage complex projects, setting a benchmark through our expertise in soil, structures, nuclear engineering and digital technology for construction.


What Makes Us One Of Hyderabad’s Best Real Estate Builders?

MANA VSP Infra Private Limited is one of Hyderabad’s top construction companies. We are a real estate development, construction, and acquisition company whose unwavering dedication to quality and innovation serves as our foundation. Every initiative we work on seeks to better people’s lives. Making ensuring that every last component of the project is satisfying is part of our culture. We make sure that the ecosystem in which we operate, the society in which we live, and every individual who uses, interacts with, or aligns with any component of the spaces we design can actually feel the distinction and the improvement in quality of life.




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